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So, whether you're a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or new to the world of artisanal brewing, we invite you to join us at Tradesman Brewery. Experience the difference that "Well Built Beer" makes, and become a part of our craft beer community. We can't wait to share our passion and craftsmanship with you, one pint at a time. Cheers!

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trades•man or -wom•an /'treIdmən/ or /-ˌwʊmən/ n. [ countable], pl. -men or -wo•men. one who works in trade. a worker skilled in a particular craft; artisan.


Combined years of beer and business experience, gives this brewery a recipe for success

Press Release: 

Tradesman Brewing Co Adds New Partners to the Team

Scott and Sara Gayle McConnell, founders of Tradesman Brewing Company since 2014, have added new business partners, Ron and Heather Montano, as well as Shawn and Heather Herman to their brewing business team.  Both the Montanos and Hermans come from a wide variety of business backgrounds that will complement the McConnell’s brewery experience, formulating a great team moving forward.  The addition began taking place June 1, 2023.

The new partners had been searching for the perfect brewing business in the Charleston area for a couple of years and feel they found the perfect match.  As Shawn stated, “Having great beer was a must in our decision making, and we’ve found that here.  With Scott being the master brewer, and us able to be here to help with the business practices each day, he’s solely able to focus on what he does best now brew great beer.” Shawn and Heather were looking for a brewery they could learn with and bring their past experience forward, all within a place that was ready to grow and expand.  

Scott and Sara Gayle started the Tradesman Brewing Company with a dream on a patio during the weekends brewing beer with friends that quickly morphed into their passion, which eventually became their business. “We are so excited the Herman family felt compelled to join forces.  Together, we will continue to make #wellbuiltbeer,”said Sara.

The new partnership isn’t the only change that you’ll be seeing at Tradesman Brewing.  You can expect to see some cosmetic enhancements in and out of the taproom, refreshed branding, swag, TVs for sporting events, the Sunday Ticket, event stage for entertainment, new tap handles, production labels, public events, TouchTunes music kiosk, food trailer, online presence and more private event booking.

Tradesman has also hired Amanda Delpit as their General Taproom Manager and Event Coordinator.  Amanda joins the force with 15 years of food and beverage experience and is excited to bring that experience to the employees and guests of Tradesman. 

All owners look forward to the continued support of the community and appreciate all the positive feedback. They look forward to continuing to serve the community, along with the tourists of the Charleston area. Stop in and meet them any time - 1647 King Street Ext, Charleston. 

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Tradesman Brewing Co. offers a relaxed, spread out venue, that is centrally located and offers ample parking and delicious beer! We also offer wine and cider for non beer drinkers, as well as non-alcohol options.

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